The Jazz

The Jazz by Tiffany Lunettes is a very rare series of frames combining uniqueness and beauty made in the 90's by the Tiffany Company as one of their eyeglasses series. Here we show the 23 Karat Gold Plated Tiffany frame with our OJ Gradient Green Costume Lenses. Original Juice is proud to release some of the rarest collections of all times that we've collected and stocked over the past years.

Original Juice's Tiffany Lunettes frames are really hard to find we hold some of the unique pieces that will never be produced anymore and might even be older than you.

Original Juice has collected some of the rarest pieces of Tiffany frames and costume lens them with "Zeiss" lenses (made by the best lens company "Zeiss") and just gave the frame a unique and even one of a kind look and style.

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